Enter a Different World

Distilled and Bottled in the Majestic Seychelles islands, while many famous vodkas are about branding over substance, we were eager to create a vodka of superior quality without, at the same time, attaching a nice price tag to it.

Our "still" are charged with 500 liters of the finest, purest, grain alcohol and later distilled for the 2nd and final time. Moonshine Vodka is sensational and vibrant drink.

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Touch of Sweetness & Smooth Texture

Moonshine Vodka utilizes the most key ingredient in vodka production. So we collect spring water from a spring that runs through a 1,000-year-old waterfall. Naturally, the rocks filter the water making it some of the purest in the world. The purity of the water assists in allowing our flavors of the vodka to shine through. It leaves just a touch of sweetness and smooth texture that will surprise your taste buds.



We set out to make beautiful vodka, but we were also surprised when we tasted the first batch. This gave us the heads-up to continue to pursue and introduce more tropical flavors due to the overwhelming response from the locals.

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Introducting a New

Bossy and Co Distillery is proud to be located in the Seychelles - an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, off East Africa. It's home to numerous beaches, coral reefs and nature reserves, as well as rare animals such as giant Aldabra tortoises.

To find out more about this incredible archipelago of majestic islands, then click here.

Please drink Moonshine Vodka responsibly.